Friday, April 27, 2018

Visions of Wonder

 Lost in a world not your own, you keep seeing a pattern that looks like this:

 The vision is inside your mind, more than outside. What is Spirit trying to tell you? Or better, what is Albagoth telling you?

 Lost, feeling alone, Sarah cringes at the sight of spiders crawling on the lines and one walks up to the inner vision to speak directly to her, "Princess Sarah, trust us. We are your friends and guides."

 "Go away!" She yells, forgetting she is riding behind Milo and Xander is behind her on Geoffrey's back. They are leaving CurĂ¡ on their way back to the world called Nampa.
 She swats at the spiders, losing her balance and hold on Milo. 
 Xander reaches for her to pull her back up, only to fall off also. 
 Sarah only wants to be alone.  She is stuck with keeping track of Xander. But those spiders tell her she is the lost princess and is needed to unite the three divided spiritual paths. 

Available now on Amazon in paperback and Kindle Unlimited.

The path is within. Follow the Anansi to the Banyon Tree.