Friday, July 22, 2016

Journal to the Soul

 I have kept a journal most of my life. All my life I have looked for meaning and sought a reason for my life to never go the way I wanted it to. My journal developed from being a place to record my thoughts, teen angst because I couldn't meet my heartthrob, Mark Hudson,  to wishing I was dead.
 I named my first journal Jamie (because I loved the British nickname for James). I didn't name them after that. After I began a quest to be Christian, I started addressing my entries to Jesus. For some reason, it helped me to feel better. As I wrote and asked questions, I discovered I could inwardly hear responses and answers.
 About six years ago, I read something or it came to me to start talking to my Soul. So I began addressing my journal entries to Soul and Spirit (my word for my Higher Power).  I began to feel some  of my blocks releasing and I began to move forward.
  I wish to teach other people about journaling to Soul. Or just talking with their Soul. The only problem is, I doubt others would be drawn to it because they would see it a means to spiritual growth. I could modify the class it, saying the individuals could address their Spiritual power they feel comfortable with.
 I see so much growth in keeping a journal. Not everyone is willing to share what they write or even learning how to keep one.
My chief fear at this time is stepping out of my own comfort zone. I still harbor the belief others do not accept me as I am.

I welcome comments, suggestions, and your insights.

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