Monday, May 16, 2016

The Haunting of Powell Hall by Merri Prudich Halma

     Old Powell Hall was eerie. Erin couldn’t help but notice the green paint on the entryway walls appeared to be oozing out from her. She looked at it from the outside, as she waited for Mark to unlocked the door, a strange feeling engulfed her. She wondered what kind of adventure lay behind the door. Mark turned and flashed a smile to her as he opened the door and bid her venture in.
    Mark’s mind was full, thinking of the papers he wanted to find in his office as well as what he wanted to tell and do with Erin before he left Montgomery University for summer break. His beat semi-fast. His mind quickly switched topics as he began thinking of the ghost which lived in Powell Hall.

     It was a cool evening in late June. Mark went to see Erin early in the afternoon after receiving a letter from her. He wanted to answer her questions in person. She told him she had to go to work, but wanted him to pick her up when she got off so they could spend some time together. He reluctantly agreed, but now, he was happy she suggested it. He enjoyed her company. When he picked her up, he suggested going to Powell so he could find some papers he wanted to take home with him. Erin readily agreed because she wanted to be with him.