Wednesday, August 19, 2015

                                           Reflection Pond

Albagoth, the creator of all worlds, stepped back and observed them all. He installed a consciousness into all life forms on CurĂ¡, even the sands, plants and trees, and made the Reflection Pond, where those who peered into it would see an older version of themselves. This older version would guide them, answering all questions they needed to help them with their journey.”

“Hello, younger self. I’ve been waiting for you,” the man said. Xander’s heart dropped.
“Are you real?” He reached out a hand to touch the other person. The man felt real, but also it was like touching Jell-o.
“I am real enough. You have much to learn.” The older self smiled. “Usually, the searcher views us from the shore instead of from inside the pond.”

-Excerpts from Indigo Traveler Book 1 by Merri Halma

What would you do if you were to look into a pond and see an older version of yourself? Would you be frightened? Would you be intrigued? An exercise that roams around Facebook is a question: What would you say to your younger self if you could travel back in time? It is a great exercise to find out exactly what we could do to change something about ourselves.

When I first conceived the reflection pond where my character could see his older self, it was a time in my life where I was looking for answers to various life issues.  I imagined Xander Veh, my main character in Indigo Traveler, needing that kind of direction. He is in a far away land, without his parents and is an only child. He is looking for answers as to why he is the way he is and what good he could be in this new land his griffin, Geoffrey, brings him to.

Imagine, if you were staring into a pond, and saw an older image of your self, or maybe your younger self, (if you are in your fifties or older). What kind of questions would you ask?
Most people do not totally accept themselves. Others spend massive amounts of time rolling in self-pity, and do not take steps to change. It is as if their feet are firmly imbedded in concrete and cannot move. Have you been there? Maybe they spend too much time blaming someone else for not helping them or not living up their own expectations.

For many people, it is difficult to look at themselves in a reflection pond and actually look into our their eyes. To look into your own, eyes, you will slowly see your soul. I have read an article Wayne Dyer wrote suggesting upon rising, to look your reflection in the mirror, and say positive words. The other exercise is to let go of all thoughts and just stare into your own eyes and see what comes to mind. The mirror can act like a refection pond; you will not see your older self, but yourself as you are. Dyer recommends dismissing all negative thoughts, as that will sabotage your efforts to bring your higher mind into focus. The goal is to come to insights about your life and see the best within you. To finish, continue to give positive self-talk throughout the day. Do this for a week or more, and see how it changes your life. 

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